Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not so Perfect 10, but not half bad

I'm a do it yourself kind of beauty gal. I'm either uncomfortable with someone scrubbing my feet or too lazy to make an appointment to sit in a salong for over an hour to have my hair colored. Or I'm too poor to have someone want to put in highlights and lowlights every 6 weeks at $200 a pop. For as many things that are cheaper in Nashville than in other metropolitan areas, professional hair care is NOT one of them (I blame it on the music industry).
That being said, I've been dying my own hair since I was about 16. Although I've tried other colors and brands on occasion, I've primarily been a Nice 'N Easy 103B kind of gal. A nice light ash blonde that is lighter than my natural dishwater blonde look, but not too far away that I glow under blacklight. (Side note: Back before I knew better and was just trying to be as blonde as I could be, I went to a college party where my hair actually did glow under the blacklight. It was simultaneously cool and embarrasing).

So with the onslaught of Nice N Easy's Perfect 10, I decided to mix it up a bit. I use Nice N Easy, so it's not that big of a stretch, plus if it looks better and takes only 10 minutes. . .bonus.

They say it smells good, only takes ten minutes, covers gray, adds high gloss, has an easier to use comb, and is better for your hair cuticle than normal coloring.

Fierce Four

Pros: It actually colored my hair in about 12 minutes. It did smell slightly better than regular Nice N Easy, but chemicals are chemicals. When you use more chemicals to cover the smell of other chemicals, eventually no matter how good it still smells like. . . chemicals. However, the after color conditioning treatment smelled wonderfully of coconuts.

Several people commented that my hair looked healthier the next day. I'm not one to ever think that coloring hair makes it remotely healthier, the conditioner did do it's job of adding gloss.

Cons: It left my hair brassier looking than Nice N Easy normally does. I used the color closest to my normal shade and the roots ended up having a reddish tint for the first few washings.

The color palette is pretty small in comparison to normal Nice N Easy or most colors, but I'm sure if the product takes off, the colors will increase.

The "easy to use comb" tip applicator was not so great to use. It separated the hair, but once it was coated, doing the next bit was harder than just using it all over. In the end, I ended up just using the comb for my roots and then my gloved hands for the rest.

Price: Less than $10

Rating: Not so fierce, but not a flop. I'd probably give it another try, but then I'll go back to Nice N Easy.

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Julie Anne said...

I'm truly amazed at people that can color their own hair. I have to wait until March 8th, when my hairdresser has an opening. I'm looking rough!