Thursday, February 14, 2008

My daily face.....

My daily face changes on a daily basis. I feel like an 11 year old girl in my sisters make-up every morning. Completely clueless, yet I'm still a product whore. I sometimes don't even wash my face at night. Gross.

Let me give my disclaimer now: I'm horrible at blogging.

  • Each morning I wash my face with ProActiv. I've been using it for a year, but only use it once a day as opposed to twice a day. I still get zits, but not like I used to. I guess if I used it twice a day, I wouldn't, but it dries my face out way too much. I then follow up with ProActiv toner and repair lotion.
  • I have been using Neutrogena Skin Soothing undereye corrector for a few months and I'm pleased with the results so far. I love the Vicks feeling it gives me!
  • I follow that with Clinique Body Glow #3 Loose Powder. I just bought You're Bluffing Loose Powder by Benefit to reduce the redness and so far so good! I tried the tube form they had in the store and was not a fan.
  • I change bronzers and blushes, and sometimes don't even wear them, but I do like
  1. Dallas by Benefit
  2. All Over Body Stick by E.L.F.
  • Sometimes mascara and sometimes not. I think I'm using Full & Soft by Maybelline, but I want to try the Cover Girl Lash Blast in the orange tube.
  • Carmex alone or followed with Benefit The Gloss in Kiss Me or Benefit Her Glossiness in Who are you wearing.

  • I normally use Vaseline Aloe Skin Care Lotion for all over, but right now I am using H2O Shimmering Body SoufflĂ© which I am loving!

I just want some direction in how to wear make-up and to find out what really works for me.

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