Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jell-O shot anyone?

I got a tip from an IT guy here at work. (He was working on my computer, and I said to look past the beauty blog I was working on...) He said he's heard that Jell-O is a great lip stain. Is this the powdered Jell-O or the already formed Jell-O? I am always dying to try a new lip stain. I have tried a few, like Benetint, but it just looks like I bit my lip and the blood has dried and cracked into my lips. I want to look like I have been eating berries. Is that too much too ask?

Any great lip stains out there? Anyone?


Ash said...

Our IT guys never gives me any beauty tips.

Divas Dressing Room said...

Haha! I'll ask Kenneth for some more tips next time I'm at the office. Love the blog! It's so fun!

Mandy (from AHA)