Monday, February 18, 2008

Luckily I didn't have Worchestshire-but I do get all new eye make up

Friday morning I woke up with my left eye stuck together. My lashes, despite my use of mascara and curling, have never been so long as to weave themselves together. So, unfortunately that meant that I had an eye infection.

After insisting that there was a difference between pink eye and conjunctivitis (there isn't), I finally relented to having pink eye. At which point I was reminded of one of the first South Park episodes that I ever saw where combining worchestshire sauce and embalming fluid makes people into zombies. The correlation is that the school nurse diagnoses everyone with pink eye.

With pink eye comes panic and two days of wearing my glasses. All of this could've been a bad weekend until I realized. . .I have to toss out my old daily eye make up! No more Wet N Wild-which I still think is a good product, but I'm ready to move on.
Wet N Wild eye shadow Trios are a great, inexpensive basic eye shadow that doesn't get absorbed too much by your skin and lasts a fairly decent amount of time. The colors coordinate in a pinch and for I was able to play with blue eyeshadow shades without feeling like I'd lose a lot of money if my eyes looked like a jean jacket.

So, now I need suggestions. I tend to go for neutrals or pinks for my eyes. What should I upgrade to for my new daily face?


Livy said...

I love getting new makeup!

Bionic Beauty said...

Try the e.l.f. eyeshadows. I just ordered two of their Cream Duos and they are each $1.

Also, I LOVE, Love, luv Milani shadows. I think they run about $2.49 in drugstores and they have excellent color pigmentation. You can read some reviews on the Milani products on my blog. :)

Thanks for the comment at Bionic Beauty, by the way.

All the best of luck to you in your blog endeavors!

aka Bionic Beauty