Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You've got to know when to hold em'.

I am loving Benefit's Bluff Dust. I don't have rosacea, but if you do, buy this. I have an uneven complexion with patches of red and this takes them completely away. I sometimes cover with my loose powder, or just use this alone.
It's the first thing I've found that doesn't wash me out, but still gives me the concealer I need in a loose form.
I tried the You're Bluffing stick and hated it. That may be better if you have really red, patchy skin. I, on the otherhand looked like I was about to head out to combat.


Livy said...

Cool. How much is it?

Julie Anne said...

Price: $22.00
Benefit's Description:
a sunny yellow correcting powder

It's a feather-light alternative to foundation! This silky yellow powder is a soft veil of color that neutralizes redness, evens out your complexion, and puts the perfect finishing touch on your makeup.

Tips and tricks: Lightly shake the container up and down with the lid closed; Open the container and tap your bluff puff brush lightly into the powder that has collected in the lid, and tap off any excess; beginning at the center of your face, dust lightly in an outward and downward motion, focusing on any areas where spot redness occurs.