Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh Snap

As I've previously chronicled, my hair is super duper dry. It could be from all those years of coloring my hair or it could be genetics. I'd like to believe genetics, but know that my hair woes are really self-inflicted.

I got my hair cut a few weeks ago and noticed that it was the best cut I've ever had for less than $20. Why oh why am I so cheap with haircuts? Oh yeah, because I wait impossibly long between them and when I finally break down to get one, I have to have it IMMEDIATELY! So a place that can serve walk-ins is a must.

That being said the stylist in that "I have to recommend a product to you to help push product sales, but I don't want to appear to be pushing product" way suggested that I try a Redken leave-in product. She called is "Oh Snap" and said that it would help heal my broken hair and have people saying "Oh Snap" when they saw me walk in.

I didn't believe her.

The actual name of the product is Redken Extreme Anti Snap Treatment. And now it is my lover. I've given it a full two weeks and it has kicked Neutrogena's leave-in out of my life forever. This stuff has my hair feeling like it did when I was sporting my natural color. My boyfriend even loves how he can actually get his fingers through my hair now without ripping out part of my scalp.

Pros: Delicious smell, actually made my hair like a virgin again, works like it says it does.

Cons: None that I can find.

Price: About $16

Rating: Super fab fierceness

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