Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Always with a smudge

Have you ever seen those girls who go off to school or work with perfect make-up, never a run in their panty hose or a hair out of place?

Well, I'm not one of those girls. try desperately as I might, I always end up looking like a Picasso painting in the morning. I look good in my mirror in the bathroom but as soon as I hit the car, I begin to notice things in the fresh morning light.

Wow! I really missed a lot of stray hairs when I tweezed last.

Whoops! How did lip gloss get on my cheek?

Why does even a little bit of shimmer make me look like a stripper? It's not even GLITTER.

That's pretty much how my morning commute starts. Yes, I am one of those annoying women who uses their rearview mirror for touch-ups. . .just not while I'm in motion. It seems like no matter how I try, my biggest problem spots are my eyes. I've watched The Hills for a while (now I'm out of the closet about it) and can never figure out how Lauren can effortlessly blend her eye make up. Not for a second do I believe it's all mark by Avon, either.

If at try 1001 you don't succeed, try try again tomorrow.

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